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Best Toys For Birds

Benefits: Trims Beak & Promotes Fitness

Give the birds destructible toys as they love to destroy things. Indestructible toys go against their nature and are boring. Stainless steel, natural non-toxic wood (eg apple wood, ash wood, birch, balsa, sola), natural fiber (eg hemp, jute, sisal, straw grass), acrylic make great materials for toys.

Appropriate chewable objects include untreated wood blocks, branches, pinecones and natural fiber toys. They can include beads, bells with no metals inside, or can be filled with food, treats or things to chew on like wood pieces. Give them different textures and sizes to chew. Provide chewing toys which is a simple yet highly effective way to help prevent overgrown beaks.

Best Food For Birds

Balanced Diet For Better Health

Birds should ideally be fed a diet that mimics their natural diet. The seed mix will contain a number of seeds, grains (eg wheat, oats, rice)grasses (eg maize, dandelion, herbs seeds, canary seed, millets)and other nutritional compounds (eg pellets). The remainder should consist of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and other fresh foods. Avoid full seeds diets.

Best Toys For Rabbits

Benefits: Improves Mental Health

The types of toys should tap into a bunny’s natural instincts to chew, dig, forage, toss, hide, and jump. Rabbits are driven to chew partly because it’s essential to keeping their ever-growing teeth healthy and partly because it’s a fun way to pass the time. The back teeth are primarily maintained by providing a bunny with the proper nutrition, chewable toys made from untreated wood (eg apple wood, rattan) and other natural materials (eg corn leaf, loofa, raffia paper, seagrass) help keep the front teeth in check. They are likely to have their own texture and taste preferences.

Best Food For Rabbits

Balanced Diet For Better Health

Rabbits should have a daily diet of mostly hay, a smaller amount of fresh vegetables (eg cabbage, kale, broccoli, parsley, carrot, mint), and a limited number of pellets. Unlimited, high-quality grass hay (eg timothy, orchard or brome), should make up the bulk of a rabbit’s diet.

Best Toys For Rodents

(eg chinchilla, guinea pig, hamster)

Benefits: Improves Dental Health & Encourages Exercise

Rodents are intelligent and active creatures, so providing them with stimulating toys is essential for their well-being. Exercise wheels and climbing structures (eg platforms and ladders) offer mental and physical stimulation. Chew toys (eg untreated apple wood, birch wood) to keep their teeth in good health. Rodents enjoy burrowing and hiding, so having tunnels will be an excellent choice. These can be made of plastic, fabric, or even cardboard.

Best Food For Rodents

Balanced Diet For Better Health

Rodents are omnivores, meaning they eat a combination of plant foods and meat (if given). You can serve them seeds (eg millets, corns, wheat, barley, sunflower, buckwheat), nuts (eg almonds, walnuts, peanuts), fruits (eg berries, apples, banana) and veggies (eg peas, sweet potato, broccoli) plus a small portion of commercial pet pellets (not muesli-style mix for human) daily.

Best Toys For Ducklings

Benefits: Improves Physical & Mental Health

Dog chew toys like knotted rope or rubber bones are a good choice, but it’s important to ensure they are not too small or likely to break apart. Standard bird toys designed for larger birds can also be attractive to ducks, particularly toys with bells or mirrors. Ducks also enjoy playing in water and are often fascinated by the sounds bells make.

Best Toys For Chicks

Benefits: Improves Physical & Mental Health

Enriching chicks’ environment with foraging toys and boxes filled with shredded paper or leaves can satisfy their instinct to scratch and peck for food. When choosing toys, ensure they are appropriate for chicks’ size and strength, and avoid those with small, breakable parts. You can also add dangling bird toys.

Best Food For Ducklings & Chicks

Balanced Diet For Better Health

Pet ducklings and chicks’ balanced diet are very similar, which can be achieved through starter duck or chick feed, fresh vegetables and fruits (such as chopped greens, peas, corn, and apples without seeds), and small amounts of treats like cooked rice, oats, and cracked corn. For chicks, treats like cooked rice, oats, and mealworms. Avoid feeding them bread, junk food, or anything high in salt or sugar. For chicks, their diet may need to be adjusted to include more protein and calcium (eg cuttlefish bone) as they grow.

Best Toys For Kittens

Benefits: Promotes Fitness & Mental Health

Dive into a world of kitten play! From  interactive puzzles to wand toys (just supervise string play), balls (but not pompom balls), catnip toysplush toystunnelscat scratchers (eg cardboards, rope, sisal), cat attractants (eg silver vine or catnip) and fishing rod toys. Regularly check for wear, replace damaged toys, and remove small bits to prevent choking. Keep a variety, switch them up often to maintain kitty’s interest. Remember, kittens adore new challenges and fun surprises!

Best Food For Kittens

Balanced Diet For Better Health

Kittens, as obligate carnivores, flourish on protein-rich diets. Opt for high-quality kitten-specific cat food with chicken or turkey as the primary ingredient. Ensure it contains essential nutrients and is specially formulated for kittens. Wet cat food is ideal, offering crucial hydration for their well-being.

Best Toys For Puppies

Benefits: Promotes Fitness & Improves Dental Health

Indulge your puppy with a variety of engaging toys! Opt for durable chew toys (eg rubber, silicone, latex, leather, canvas), interactive puzzles, and cuddly plushiesSqueaky toys add excitement, while fetch toys promote active play. Dental sticks/ chews maintain dental health, reducing plaque and gum issues. Supervise and rotate toys for endless entertainment and tail-wagging joy!

Best Food For Puppies

Balanced Diet For Better Health

The best food for puppies is high-quality puppy-specific dog food with real meat (eg chicken, turkey, or beef) listed as the first ingredient, as well as whole grains and vegetables. Consult your veterinarian for personalized recommendations based on your puppy’s breed, size, and age. Remember, a balanced diet is essential for their growth and overall health.

Best Toys For Turtles/ Terrapins

Benefits: Promotes Fitness & Excitement

Enhance your turtle’s underwater world with engaging toys like Mega Marbles, practice golf balls, or colourful PVC ping pong balls—ensuring they are too large to swallow. If your turtle shows signs of boredom, such as rearranging its habitat or clawing at its skin, these toys can provide mental and physical stimulation. Additionally, consider an aquarium powerhead to create mild currents, mimicking their natural environment.

Best Food For Turtles / Terrapins

Balanced Diet For Better Health

Omnivores by nature, turtles require a balanced diet consisting of both plant and animal-based foods. Terrapin pellets serve as a stable foundation, complemented by a variety of options including freshwater fish, shrimps, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables (eg romaine lettuce, collard greens, kale, and dandelion greens). To ensure they receive essential nutrients, supplements like cuttlefish bones, rich in calcium, are necessary.