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Bird Water Feeder


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Cage accessories are crucial for pets, enhancing their environment and well-being. They provide comfort, enrichment, and functionality, catering to their specific needs.

Brass impact needle water dispenser, high quality material, gnawing resistance. (Brass is harder than copper and more resistant to corrosion.) Clean and hygienic, effectively ensure the health of bird water quality, prevent diseases caused by drinking dirty water.

Material: PVC, clear acrylic, brass, steel

~ S Size: 23cm (L) 3.2cm (thick) / 140ml

~ M Size: 24cm (L) 4.0cm (thick) / 230ml

*2 sets screws for each set

~ Bird Drinking Bottle: 12cm (H) 4cm (D) / 140ml (mouth width 1.3cm)

Note: (1) Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. (2) Size of pets varies individually so sizes will be based on number of birds per cage or how fast they will drink. Suggestion serves as a guide. (3) Some birds need longer time to get used to how to drink by biting the needle.


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