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Fake Bird Eggs 5pc/pk


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Fake plastic eggs that provide an efficient, fast, and natural tool to control unwanted breeding and egg laying in birds. Our realistic, solid white, non-toxic plastic eggs, are modeled after real bird eggs.

Unlike other plastic bird eggs, our small & medium size fake eggs each weighs 3g and its solid, almost similar to actual bird egg weight. For large fake egg weighs 6g each.

Packing: 5pc per pk

  • Small: (20mm x 14.5mm): suitable for canary birds and smaller size budgies
  • Medium: (21.4mm x 15.6mm): suitable for munia (lonchura), budgies, lovebirds
  • Large: (26mm x 21mm): suitable for cockatiel, sun conure, quail, rutin chicken

Note: 1) Please note that the fake egg sizes varies for all birds. These are only suggestions.


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