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Versele-Laga Grit With Coral 500g


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5 in stock

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Bird grit is a vital supplement for birds and pigeons, containing mixture of oyster shells. grinding stones. seashells. redstone & charcoal

Versele-Laga grit is rich in minerals and trace elements. Calcium, strengthening the skeleton, and also contains phosphorus, promoting strong bones. It aids digestion by breaking down grains and seeds. Benefits include improved digestion, natural calcium source, engaging activity, and overall health support for your pet!

  • Packing: 500g / bottle
  • Composition: minerals (coral 15%)
  • Analytical constituents: crude ash 98.5%, calcium 23.0%, phosphorus 0.02%, sodium 0.2%

Note: (1) grit is suitable for birds who are having a high seed diet. This includes birds such as doves, pigeons, chickens, and wild birds. (2) Offer a small amount in their dish, avoiding overfeeding for their optimal health.


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